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How to Use Stories to Enhance the Curriculum in Your Classroom

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90 minutes


In their latest webinar, Debra Kidd and Hywel Roberts, will look at the power of story in the curriculum and why it is that stories are 'psychologically privileged' in the human mind (Daniel Willingham).

How can teachers tap into this power to ensure that stories not only act as vehicles for carrying knowledge, but they also allow children to practice attitudes and values, work their way through dilemmas and understand better how the world and the people in it function.

Using examples from classrooms in EY, KS1, 2 and 3, they will explore how primary and secondary teachers can enhance their teaching through stories. 

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of why stories matter and how they function.
  • Concrete examples of how stories have been used with children across all key stages to enhance and motivate learning.
  • Structures for planning lessons around story and a helpful planning tool.
  • Exploring memory and how it is that stories enhance connections in the brain that help us to remember content.
  • Understanding the importance of shifting story from passive to active participation in class.

This session is suitable for all teachers at both primary and secondary level.

Dr Debra Kidd

Dr Debra Kidd

Hywel Roberts

Hywel Roberts

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