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How to Establish a Positive Behaviour Culture in Your Classroom 

This event is now available on request for groups of any size.

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Two of our most popular Associates, Debra Kidd and Hywel Roberts, will explore how to create positive classroom cultures that encourage behaviours that develop self-efficacy, responsibility and agency in learning.

Drawing on proven positive behaviour management theories from Bill Rogers and weaving in research into child development, the importance of belonging and modes of communication - as well as their own experience across all phases and types of school - they will explore how to create caring and welcoming environments that are conducive to great learning. 

This session will allow you to share your own ideas as well as being involved in active discussions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding how circles of influence impact on a child's capacity to 'play the game' of school.
  • Tips for dealing with behaviour problems as they arise without escalating conflict.
  • Ideas for creating lessons that engage children in a sense of shared, collective responsibility for learning.
  • Ideas for developing a positive language and culture around behaviour and expectations.
  • An understanding of how stages of development such as adolescence and puberty impact on children's learning and attitudes to others.

This session is suitable for all teachers at both primary and secondary level.

Dr Debra Kidd

Dr Debra Kidd

Hywel Roberts

Hywel Roberts

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