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Getting Curriculum Right

Tuesday 9th February 2021

19:00 UK time

90 minutes

£38.29 per person*


In this session, Jonathan will draw on his extensive experience rethinking and rewriting the traditional primary curriculum to explore how to balance the rigorous sequencing and building of knowledge with the desire to develop creative, compassionate and independent young people.

From unpicking the point and purpose of a true education to tips and tricks for when it comes to the practicalities of planning, this session will give you an insight into how to create a transformational curriculum that genuinely meets the needs of your school community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tips and ideas on how to articulate the real purpose and aims of your curriculum
  • An understanding of how to create a vertically-integrated mastery curriculum that develops resilience and¬†independent learning
  • Ideas for ensuring that our children have ownership of the curriculum and that their voices are heard.
  • Just what is a Guerrilla Curriculum?

Jonathan's webinar is suitable for primary teachers and school leaders.

Jonathan Lear

Jonathan Lear

*This special rate is per person. If you would like to enquire about buying more than one place on this webinar then please get in touch and we'll do you a great deal. Because one glass of wine and ten straws is not cool... Thank you.

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