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Emotional Self Regulation

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60 minutes


Self regulation separates into effortful control and emotional self regulation. In this session, long-time Associate Phil Beadle looks at  looks at the latter of these, examining the academic field and transforming this into techniques and understandings that teachers can use to 1) regulate their own emotional responses to difficult situations 2) help their students to regulate their emotions.

Whilst an understanding of this area is particularly useful for teachers working with children whose lives set them challenges, it can be applied to any situation and is the end point of any in-depth look at metacognition. 

Phil will share approaches he has successfully trialled with coaches in elite professional football settings.

Key Takeaways:

  • The difference between antecedent and response-focused strategies
  • Situation selection and modification - approach or avoid?
  • Attentional deployment
  • Cognitive change - thinking differently
  • Response modulation - expressive suppression.

This session is suitable for all teachers and especially relevant for those working in a PRU/AP setting.

Phil Beadle

Phil Beadle

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