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Challenging the Most Able in English

This event is now available on request for groups of any size.

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90 minutes


This session from Associate, author and experienced English teacher Haili Hughes will explore how to challenge and stretch the most-able learners in GCSE English Language and Literature in all settings.

Learn how to encourage an intellectual curiosity in your learners, as well as explore practical strategies for developing that all-important perceptive conceptualised response with your students.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore, understand and apply relevant research
  • Analyse the mark schemes and consider what 'perceptive' and 'conceptualised' really look like in practice.
  • Discusses practical strategies and activities that can be used to challenge the most able, whatever your setting.

Haili's webinar is for GCSE English Language and Literature teachers and middle and senior leaders with responsibility for English.

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