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Blended Learning in MFL for 2020 and Beyond

This event is now available on request for groups of any size.

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90 minutes


Join Associate and MFL specialist Crista Hazell to look at how the teaching of MFL can truly benefit from a blended approach in a post-Covid world. 

Education will never be the same now, so let's have a real discussion about what works in language learning as we seek to combine synchronous and asynchronous learning and face-to-face and more virtual approaches.

No gimmicks. Just effective blended language learning based on sound pedagogy to ensure an enriched language learning experience for all that is as future proof as we can make it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deeper understanding of Blended Learning - what it is and what it can look like in MFL
  • Effective and impactful strategies to support all learners with a blended approach
  • A no-nonsense way of evaluating learner participation and engagement across a variety of platforms
  • The best in pedagogy for blended language learning
  • Harnessing the power of learner voice - measuring impact, engagement and perception
  • Advice and support on devising a Blended Learning curriculum plan for MFL.

This session is for all MFL teachers.

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