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An Introduction to Restorative Practice - From Vision to Reality

This event is now available on request for groups of any size or as a recording.

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90 minutes


This new event, from Associate and nationally recognised restorative practice expert Mark Finnis, is first and foremost a webinar about relationships.

This is a webinar about compassion.

This is a webinar about behaviour.

This is a webinar about behaviours.

This is a webinar about change.

This is a webinar about children and young people.

This is a webinar about leadership, whatever your role.

This is a webinar about collaboration.

This is a webinar about communities.

This is a webinar about restorative practice.

Put all these things together and you have a vision for restorative practice. Do them all and you have restorative practice in action. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what Restorative Practice is and, importantly, what it isn't
  • Explore the importance and power of relationships and school-wide relational practice
  • Understand the power of building connection before content
  • Discover the High Challenge/High Support model and what happens when you work 'with' (and not 'to' or 'for')
  • Grab a bag full of hints, tips and transformational language to take away and use immediately
  • 50% off Mark's highly-acclaimed new book Independent Thinking on Restorative Practice.

Mark's webinar is for anyone who is working with children and young people in a school, social care or local government setting, especially those in leadership or middle leadership positions looking to explore and embrace a more restorative culture.

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