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On Line or On the Road

There's nothing we like more than a hall full of teachers, a classroom full of children or an out-of-season hotel bar full of deputy heads.

But everything has changed.

The abrupt shift to online learning has brought with it some very exciting opportunities when it comes to CPD and we are delighted to be part of that.

  • Whole-school INSET via webinar.
  • Short and focused twilight sessions on a range of topics.
  • Targeted work with smaller groups over a period of time.
  • Online individual coaching and mentoring.
  • Student webinar workshops.
  • Parent webinars.
  • Governor webinars.
  • And, because of how we work together so often as one team/happy family, more than one Associate at a time¬†working with you in true pick 'n' mix style.

In a nutshell, who you want, when you want, how you want.

To discuss the many ways we can help, please drop us a line at or give us a ring on 01267 211432.

And to give you an idea of how we still manage get our messages across online with our trademark passion, humour and energy, check out any of the 22 #WhatNowWeek online conversations we put together at the end of May 2020. In fact, here's one to get you started featuring Associates Dave Keeling and Jim Roberson all about motivation and relationships.

Who knows when we will all be able to safely gather again but in the meantime, now's our opportunity to move CPD well and truly into the 21st century.

After all a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.

Make a booking, ask a question or just say hello.

Give us a call on +44 (0)1267 211432, drop us a line at or hit the button.

Our office in lovely West Wales will then get in touch before you can say 'meddylwyr annibynnol'.