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Primary Providers

These are the people who have come forward to offer EYFS and Key Stage 1 and 2 training via one-to-one or small group online support during the school closures.

Please contact them directly and negotiate all fees with them. Independent Thinking does not make any money from this.

We're just doing it for the karma.

Name Email Website Areas of Expertise 
Mark Allen

Helping schools build online environments to engage learners and provide them with contemporary skills, empower teachers, improve staff well-being, enthuse business managers with the cost-savings and efficiencies which invariably follow, and allow schools to concentrate on their vision by making the tech invisible and ubiquitous. For the duration of the lockdown, all advice and consultation is free.

Sara Alston

I am a highly experienced school leader and safeguarding practitioner offering Basic (Level 1/2) Safeguarding training for school staff; Safer Recruitment training (accredited to the Safer Recruitment Consortium); New to Role training for DSLs; Update training for DSLs; Training on Governors’ Safeguarding Responsibilities and PREVENT training. Under the SEND banner I offer working with children with Autism, including writing social stories; Working with children with Dyslexia; Behaviour as communication; Effective working with TAs; Pre- and over-learning; Effective differentiation without work overload.

Mark Anderson Independent Thinking Profile

All aspects of home/remote/distance learning; Digital strategy; Use of technology for teaching and learning; Whole-school teaching and learning with technology training; School social media training and strategy; Use of social media for teachers; Use of augmented and virtual reality for teaching and learning; Use of AI in the classroom. An Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator and Mentor and Microsoft Certified Educator.

Adele Bates

I work with teachers, trainees, school leaders and educators who are struggling to engage pupils with challenging behaviour; who want to create inclusive classrooms where learning is the focus. I am a teacher, speaker, writer and educator for students with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.

Jackie Beere OBE  Independent Thinking Profile
Online one-to-one coaching for resilience, confidence or culture change; INSET or webinars on growth mindset, outstanding teaching/learning, emotional health and wellbeing; guidance on learning to learn strategies and how to develop emotionally intelligent students. Also online workshops for parents on how to develop resilient, fearless learners.
Ginny Bootman  
I am an experienced SENCO who specialises in and is passionate  about the role that empathy, trust and kindness play in the school environment for all stakeholders to make it an environment where everyone feels valued. This is pivotal for staff, children and parents alike. I love to share this through  interactive talks and discussions and via articles I have written.
Alastair Burnett  
I offer behaviour, management, systems and inclusion planning/training. Specifically during this period I can offer policy review and writing, 1:1 discussion on pastoral matters and planning. I can discuss current issues and help schools plan a way ahead on return.
Tracey Campbell
An experienced primary school teacher, now working as a Behaviour Management consultant.  Through training and coaching, I help teachers move ideas about managing behaviour from common knowledge to common practice. I have a series of workshops now available as webinars, that take school staff right to the heart of the issues behind challenging behaviour.
Nathan Crook
An NCETM accredited independent maths consultant. Bespoke support could include: developing the mathematics curriculum with a focus on clear progression and development of skills; planning units of work with teachers; or specific subject-leader support tailored at individual school circumstances.
Claire Gadsby* Independent Thinking Profile
I specialise in providing busy teachers and schools leaders with highly practical tools to improve outcomes for young people and am particularly passionate about the roles of formative assessment and creating effective learning environments.
Dave Green
I work with state, special, PRU and Independent schools  on improving teaching and learning and using coaching skills to improve performance.  I also market an assessment tool for all SEND pupils with a developmental delay which works equally as well for home educated pupils (PAGS(R) @PagsProfile).  I have also carried out professional training (including online training) in areas such as metacognition, the teenage brain and some general neuroscience principles aligned to thinking maps and problem solving skills
Hannah Hall  
Delivering behaviour management training & consultancy nationally and internationally. This work also includes developing therapeutic and trauma-informed approaches and mental health. I also work as an Adviser reviewing and advising schools and other settings on SEND provision and the Leading Parent Partnership Award. I am also currently (until Corona!) supporting a six-school Trust reviewing and implementing systems and advising SLT on behaviour and curriculum.
Dave Harris* Independent Thinking Profile
Leadership consultant & transition advisor. Ex-headteacher across all stages of education. I am happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation regarding any aspect of education. I will discuss a variety of potential solutions, not just from myself, but from across the full range of Independent Thinking Associates.
Nina Jackson* Independent Thinking Profile
Mental Health and Well-being, one-to-one or small groups;
SEND – covering all aspect of SEND provision; Pedagogy and Practice including Differentiation, Creativity, Awe and Wonder, dealing with disaffected learners; The effective use of education technology including in a SEND setting. I am an Apple Teacher.
Dr Debra Kidd* Independent Thinking Profile
Online consultation with senior leaders about curriculum planning around the five pillars - coherence, credibility, creativity, community and compassion. Online CPD/keynotes to staff on pedagogy and how to bring hopeful and positive learning to life in the classroom or home.
Roy Leighton* Independent Thinking Profile`
I support schools in the development and delivery of creative curriculums on- and offline in the UK and abroad focusing on technology, the management of change and creative strategies for teaching and learning.
Bryn Llewellyn
Research demonstrates 'move and learn' approaches impact positively on levels of activity and academic performance. We offer bespoke online webinars so schools can learn  how to integrate our PAL (Physically Active Learning) approaches into teaching and learning across the school, both indoors and outdoors, to engage all learners, including disaffected ones. We will show you how to maximise impact of PE & the Sports Premium.
James Mannion
Providing training and consultancy around learning to learn and self-directed learning. Metacognition, self-regulation, oracy. Also Action Research and Implementation Science. We will donate 50% of income to the Trussell Trust.
Julie Matthews  
I can help teachers plan and implement a mastery approach to maths across the primary sector from EYFS to KS2. I have been Freelance consultant delivering training for White Rose Maths and supporting teachers through the government’s Maths Hubs
Dr Jo Montgomery

Specialising in delivering practical primary science workshops and supporting teachers, leaders and schools to develop their primary science curriculum, practical investigations and engagement with external providers. I am an Explorify champion and accredited STEM Learning Associate Facilitator delivering CPD. I am a scientist and teacher with more than twenty years experience designing and delivering sessions for both children and adults. Practical science is tricky online, but let me show you some ideas.

Nicola S Morgan

An international educational consultant, teacher and author with over twenty years experience. Behaviour Management; Managing Difficult People; Managing Difficult Conversations; ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences); Restorative Approach; Engaging Families; Working with Parents


Pete Moorhouse

An artist and professional sculptor, my training is centred around encouraging creativity within early years education. Main CPD areas covered include creativity; Creative and critical thinking; Introducing Woodwork; Reggio Emilia; Environments; Loose Parts learning; Block play; Makerspace and Creating a studio space.

Ian Mursell

We’ve been running interactive history workshops in schools for exactly 40 years now, and have clocked up over 3,500 visits, the vast majority to primary schools in England delivering the Aztecs or the Maya at KS2. We are now running free Zoom session for parents too.

Natalie Packer

Leadership of SEND; Support for meeting the needs of all pupils through high quality teaching in the classroom; Support for SENCOs (including advice about the statutory process and supporting individuals through the process); Guidance and mentoring for NQTs and early careers teachers; Using support staff effectively to improve pupil outcomes; Engaging parents of pupils with SEN

Craig Parkinson  

Maths Mastery approaches; Metacognition; SOLO Taxonomy; Using evidence to increase impact; Coaching for teachers and leaders; Feedback; Using data Building pupil agency.

Lorraine Petersen OBE I specialise in SEND and Mental Health and Well-Being, especially for SENCOs. I have been working independently for the last seven years and prior to that I was CEO of NASEN following a 25 year career in teaching (10 of which as a Head Teacher). I am currently a Director of a Teaching School and Chair of Governors at a Special School. I am also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. 

Hywel Roberts* Independent Thinking Profile Curriculum; Engagement; Investment; Language; Literature; Story; Storytelling; Narrative inquiry; drama; Creative writing; Leadership; Optimism through the curriculum; Botheredness
Will Ryan* Independent Thinking Profile Experienced head teacher and senior advisor covering all aspects of primary school life including issues relating to Ofsted, routine school improvement work, headteacher appraisal, monitoring and evaluation strategies.
Julie Sargent

I work with SLT, English subject leaders and staff in developing all aspects of primary English. Bespoke support could include: developing the reading and writing curriculum, progression and development of literacy skills; planning units of work with teachers; or specific subject leader support.  I also offer a variety of training around aspects of literacy such as phonics and spelling; teaching grammar in context; reading for meaning; and developing writers.

Tim Taylor

Mantle of the Expert is an approach to teaching that creates engaging contexts for learning based on the kinds of things children are excited by - adventure, peril, and tackling difficult circumstances.

Kate Whittlesey

A bespoke educational consultancy, working with schools, leadership teams and SENCos across the UK to develop whole-school SEND provision and practice to improve outcomes for children of all ages. Support for  SENCos (new and old), EHCP/Funding, tribunal support and developing stakeholder engagement.


 *Indicates they are also an Independent Thinking Associate.

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