After You Book an Event


How we can help each other with all the twiddly bits:


Things Not To Do... - click here to see the top 10 no-nos.

Pen Portrait - As each Event is different you are welcome to copy and paste as much or as little as you wish from our Associates' profile pages for their biographical information.

Photo - Right click on the particular photograph you wish to use from the Associate's profile page and save it to your desktop and then insert into your document.

If the resolution is too low, please email us and we will send you a higher resolution version.

Outline - On request, our Associate will forward a brief synopsis of their session for inclusion in either your flyer advertising your Event, or your programme.

Books - If you would like to include books we are happy to provide a quotation. Please email us with the book title(s), number and the date that they are required.

A free manned bookstand may be available through our preferred supplier Crown House Books, and we would be happy to put you in contact, on request.


Filming your Event - If you want to capture the Associate in action during your booking then usually that's fine. All we ask is:

  • you check with us first (so they have an opportunity to book an appointment with their hairdresser!)
  • correct accreditation is used i.e. their name and their title which is "Associate of Independent Thinking Ltd"
  • the recording is only then used within the purchasing organisation
  • a copy of the footage is given to Independent Thinking for our use which may include streaming extracts on our website or YouTube channel


Feedback - We do not supply our own evaluation sheets (but, if we did, you can see what they would look like by clicking here) however we would be delighted to receive a summary of yours if you evaluate your Event. We occasionally publish good feedback comments on our website when received.

Presentations - Not all of our Associates use digital presentations. Those that do will usually supply a copy after the Event if requested. Please note that normally these are not available beforehand for inclusion in delegate packs unless a specific agreement has been reached.

In return, this is what we would appreciate from you: -

In all publicity material e.g. flyers or programmes, please accredit our Associate with their name and their title, which is "Associate of Independent Thinking Ltd".

Where space allows we would ask that either our logo (available on request) or our web address is also included.

Our Associates find it very useful to see an advance copy of any publicity, especially conference programmes, so that they get an understanding of your Event as a whole.

And finally, please remember that any additional or subsequent booking requests either for your booked Associate or others, for either yourselves, your delegates, or any recipients of your publicity, must always be referred to Independent Thinking Ltd.