Learn to Learn

'Knowing how to learn will be one of the most important assets any worker can have...'

This line comes from a book that we recommend to everyone who is involved in working with young people. It is called The World is Flat by the three times Pulitzer Prize winning writer Thomas Friedman and it is the most disturbing book we have ever read.

In a nutshell, the world is unlike it has ever been before and unless, in the West, we realise that, we will be left behind. If we're not careful we spend so much time teaching children things that we sometimes forget to teach them to learn how to learn.

For over twenty years Independent Thinking has been working with young people teaching them how to tap into their tremendous ability for learning, to improve how well they do at school and beyond.

From full day-long Events for whole year groups to focussed sessions with C/D borderlines, underachievers or Gifted and Talented students, we can take young people through many of the most effective 'learn to learn' skills including Mindmapping, memory strategies, revision, note making, understanding their own learning preferences and even motivation for learning.

These are the Associates delivering active, engaging and inspiring Learn to Learn events for students across the UK:

Call the Independent Thinking office to check out the availability of our Associates on 0844 589 0490 * or e-mail us at learn@independentthinking.co.uk.

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