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Bringing the Curriculum to Life

The 2019 Curriculum Conference

Friday 29th November, Blackburn


Come and join three of the UK's leading classroom innovators for a day all about bringing the curriculum to life for every learner in your classroom.

In a knowledge-rich educational world, what children learn is important, but the way in which that learning takes place can make or break the classroom experience for the children, not to mention the teacher.

This unique day, delivered in partnership with our friends at Spring Hill Community Primary School, is ideal for primary, infant, prep and special schools. Come along for practical ideas, strategies and inspirations to develop creativity, independent learning, thinking skills, resilience and motivation - all whilst covering the curriculum to keep 'you know who' off your back.


Jonathan Lear

Jonathan is a highly experienced and innovative primary teacher and deputy in inner-city Sheffield who has attracted national attention for his classroom practice - and the results it gets. Blending the very best of international practice (and ignoring the very worst of government policy), Jonathan and his colleagues have created a curriculum experience that is rich, challenging, rewarding and effective for all.


Dr Debra Kidd

With experience in every phase of education and a growing international reputation, Debra shows how a well-planned and rigorous curriculum can also be highly creative and inspiring. Drawing from the latest in our understanding of how the brain learns as well as best practice globally, Debra shows how to make classrooms rich, varied and inclusive environments where all can succeed.


Hywel Roberts

The most in-demand speaker in the UK today, Hywel is not only highly entertaining and engaging but has the gift of inspiring all teachers to take risks, see their classroom practice in new ways and transform the lives of even the hardest-to-reach children and young people in the process. Combining his classroom experience in mainstream and special education as well as his academic work, Hywel shows the simple tweaks necessary to turn any curriculum from 'cold' to 'hot' - even if it's the Vikings for the umpteenth time.

If you think that simply covering the curriculum is 'job done', now's your chance to think again and pick up ideas and strategies that well and truly bring the classroom experience to life.

Check out the full programme clicking here. Bookings are now open and places are limited so book your place today for just £199+VAT.

We look forward to seeing you in Blackburn in November.

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