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Outdoor Maths 2021

With best-selling author and Independent Thinking Associate Juliet Robertson

Monday 28th June 2021, London/Tuesday 29th June 2021, Manchester

In partnership with Teachology

A special one-day event with Independent Thinking Associate, best-selling author and leading outdoor learning expert Juliet Robertson as she shares proven strategies to take maths teaching out of the classroom and into the great outdoors.

Juliet Robertson

Independent Thinking Associate Juliet Robertson is a leading authority on outdoor learning, in demand globally for the way in which she inspires teachers to take their lessons outside and enjoy all the many benefits this practice brings.

A former headteacher based in Scotland and now an advisor to various governments and organisations including the Forestry Commission, Juliet shares eminently practical and do-able strategies to take the learning outside, whether your school has a nearby woodland, a muddy field or just a tarmac car park. 

Building on the success of Dirty Teaching, her first book for the Independent Thinking Press, her second book, Messy Maths, has won awards for its simple and practical advice when it comes to teaching numeracy in the great outdoors.

We are delighted then to have grabbed not one but two days in Juliet's hectic schedule to allow her to share her ideas for teaching maths outdoors this Autumn. 

What you will pick up during Outdoor Maths 2021:
  • Learn how to cover the entire Maths curriculum - number, money, measurement, shape, position, movement and data handling - all outdoors
  • Use outdoor Maths to raise floor standards and help close attainment gaps
  • Share time-efficient cross-curricular approaches that reduce the pressure to cover everything
  • Embed outstanding maths mastery in the great outdoors
  • Explore lesson plans, whole-school tools and integration, resources, websites and assessments that work alongside Maths mastery
  • Use Maths journals to evidence conceptual understanding gained from outdoor sessions
  • Plan outdoor Maths into your daily routines
  • Understand relevant health and safety guidelines and help reduce wider concerns as you plan for all eventualities
  • And realise the pivotal role that numeracy and outdoor learning play in the new Ofsted framework, especially at EYFS.

Places are limited and, with Juliet in such demand for her pioneering work, we recommend clicking here to reserve your place now with our partners at Teachology.


"Messy Maths is a great follow-up to Dirty Teaching. It stands alone in its own right, however, giving teachers, child-minders and all educators (including parents) the confidence to see the mathematics all around us and to help children draw out the concepts they are exploring in their play. I highly recommend it to teachers working at all stages and in all manner of early years settings. You'll come away inspired ready to get outdoors and help the children you work with feel super confident in their mathematical language and practical application of mathematical reasoning. I bet you'll get better at estimating weights and lengths too!"

Cath Prisk, Global Campaign Director, Outdoor Classroom Day

NB You can purchase both these titles with 20% off by using the code 'ITL20' at the checkout on the Independent Thinking Press website.

At a time when we are finding children becoming increasingly unhappy in the world and where issues around mental health and physical health, including rising obesity levels, are in the news almost every day, there has never been a better time to get children outside.

What's more, apart from the proven benefits of having young people immersed in green environments, we need children to grow up with a love of the outdoors and a respect for the natural world so that it might help them be better stewards of the environment than we have been.

In fact, here are just some of the benefits of outdoor learning based on Juliet's work:

  • Aligns teaching with children's increasing awareness of climate change and our role on earth 
  • Real-life contexts and multi-sensory activities can increase long-term memory
  • Boosts grit and resilience with the uncertainty, surprise and delight of being outdoors - and in all weathers!
  • Engages and enthuses learners of all abilities, even those who may be less engaged and motivated inside
  • Facilitates creative and critical thinking around Maths and the need to think differently when faced with numeracy challenges
  • Goes beyond testing - builds character in a way that sitting tests and passing exams on their own do not.

How to Book

Outdoor Maths 2021 with Juliet Robertson is taking place in two venues this Autumn and we are delighted to be working with our friends at Teachology to help make this special event open to as many people as possible.

The price for this event is just £289 + VAT per person and you can bring a colleague along for just £259 +VAT.

We anticipate a high demand so be quick and grab your place early by clicking here today.

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