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A must-see event of powerful keynotes and live one-to-one interviews for those working with children in challenging circumstances.

From Coping to Thriving - The Resilience Conference

Monday 3rd December 2018, Central London

A Joint Independent Thinking and Teachology Conference


With our children and young people increasingly under stress and dealing with so much, despite their young age, we have brought together a special team of Associates who all know a thing or two about surviving a challenging childhood - and what the adults in their lives did to help.


Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Jaz grew up dealing with the most awful abuse but has survived to tell the tale. Her life was saved by the five teachers who took the time to connect, to listen to care. She has a powerful story to share and never fails to leave teachers not only moved but also aware of all they can to to help the children in their care.


Jackie Beere OBE

Jackie Beere is an educationalist who is passionate about ensuring we equip children - and their teachers - with the emotional skills and tools to be able to be all they can be. Regardless of what life throws at them. Drawing on her experience in  emotional intelligence in learning and her most recent work on 'growth mindset' approaches, both in and out of school, Jackie will be your host for the day. 


Chris Kilkenny

Chris is a young man who is causing quite a stir when he speaks to teachers across the UK. Growing up in poverty - and still living a precarious lifestyle as he fights to support his own young family - he has practical ideas and insights for all teachers to help them better support the children and young people who, like Chris, are hiding in plain sight in their classrooms. 


Claire Birkenshaw

We think of resilience as surviving challenging external circumstances. But what about if the challenge comes from within? For Claire, the battle she had was with her own identity and gender, growing up as a boy but knowing that was not who she really was. It took until just a couple of years ago before she could finally live as who she really was when she became the first head teacher to transition inputs. Her story is powerful with much for all of us to take away. 


Dave Smith

How do you go about supporting children growing up in one of the country's most deprived communities? And do so in such a way that your school doesn't just get by, it becomes one of the best schools in the country? Dave Smith is a headteacher in a Northern primary school who is attracting national attention for the remarkable way he translates his vision into action - and brings everyone on board as he does.

Or, in the words of former head of Ofsted Professor Christine Gilbert, following a recent visit to Dave's schools, 'Wherever I looked, I could see evidence of the inspiring way in which you are translating your mission and vision into outstanding practice.' 

For Dave, the starting point when working with children in the most adverse circumstances, is not to to work from the top down, but from the bottom up.



We think you'll agree, we've put together an impressive, passionate and knowledgeable panel who have their own stories to tell. More than this, they also have the depth of experience across all sorts of schools to translate their insights into practical steps to help you help the children who need that help the most.

You can check out the full programme by visiting the Teachology website by clicking here. Bookings are now open and places are limited so reserve your place today.

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This is a one-off conference with unique contributions from special people with powerful stories to tell.

We guarantee it will help you when it comes to helping the children and young people you work with to develop their resilience and move from coping to thriving.

It can be done.

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