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23rd April 2018, Central London

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Independent Thinking and Teachology Annual Leadership Conference

This one day conference for school leaders everywhere brings together some of the most respected voices in leadership education. Between them they will offer ideas and insights to help in these interesting times as well as ask key questions of you and your leadership. This will prove to be an engaging, entertaining and provocative day with much to take back to school.

In turbulent times, leaders can be caught between clinging to the apparent safety of the past or charging into an unpredictable but exciting future, whilst all the time ensuring the child is at the heart of their decision making. At our 4th annual leadership conference, we're not able to give you all the answers, but we can certainly ask the right questions, share insights from other great leaders and reassure you that you are not alone.   


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The cost of the conference is £289 (+VAT) per delegate. Bring a friend or a colleague for just £100 extra so £389 (+ VAT)

All bookings will be taken through Teachology.

Please call 020 7732 2650 or email: registration@teachology.co.uk or click on the link above.  


David Cameron

David Cameron 

David – or the ‘Real David Cameron’ as we all know him – has a unique view of the educational landscape. His experience stretches from leadership of children’s services at authority level to the classroom, from the development of national educational policy to its implementation in schools.

Agreeing the Breakable Plates: Knowing what stays, what changes, what really needs to go and the hard questions to ask to make sure we know which is which. 


Vic Goddard

Vic Goddard 

Vic came to public attention in TV’s Educating Essex and remains a much-loved and highly sought-after head teacher and speaker. He is still a regular on TV for his contributions to the debate at what schools and governments should – and should not do – to bring the best out of all children in their care.

What next? You Must be Kidding!: Moving from ‘So what...?’ to ‘So that…’ when you get back to school tomorrow.



Dave Smith

Dave Smith 

At a time when leadership models in education seem to be based increasingly on ideas from business, Dave Smith shows that leading a school –and a very successful one at that– takes a very different sort of leadership. For Dave a good school is an upside down one, one that starts with the people in it.

A Fresh Look: Find out how leadership works best when it is both upside down and inside out.



Floyd Woodrow no shadow

 Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM 

You won't find many better examples of how to lead under extreme pressure - and lead with integrity, compassion and a clear sense of values - than Floyd Woodrow. A former SAS Major and a DCM and MBE he now coaches high-flying business leaders, international sportsmen and women and inner-city school children on how to get the best out of themselves when the going gets tough.

Your North Star: Lessons on leadership, integrity and values for school leaders from the leadership elite. 



Joining us for the day:

Caroline Bentley-Davies

Caroline Bentley-Davies
is the author of the best-selling book How to be an Amazing Middle Leader. She has been a Local Authority Adviser, accredited SIP and she still teaches demonstration G.C.S.E. revision lessons. She has run training in schools across the UK and abroad.

Developing and Getting the Best Out of Our Middle Leaders: Whether you see middle leaders as the 'powerhouse' or the 'engine' room, they are the most important group in your school. Ignore them at your peril!



Iesha Small

Iesha Small
is an experienced school leader, researcher and writer. Her latest book looks at leadership from a very human perspective and she is increasingly in demand to speak on education, leadership and challenging the status quo.

Lessons from Unexpected Leaders: How Do You Lead if You Aren't What Others Expect?: Iesha will share lessons from her own leadership experience as well as from other 'unexpected' school leaders who have learned to thrive and make a difference.