One Eye on the Future – rewriting the curriculum to rescue the world 


Friday, 15th June 2018

A one-off conference with Independent Thinking and IAPS 


Venue: etc. venues, Marble Arch-Edgware Road, Garfield House, 86 Edgware Road, London W2 2EA


Audience: KS1-3 Teachers, Environment/Rural/Science Teachers

‘Timely’, ‘much needed’ and ‘vital’ are just a few words applied to this hugely important conference focused on sustainability and education.

A team of highly respected and experienced practitioners in the field, including Professor Paul Clarke, Juliet Robertson, Will Ryan and Dr David Dixon will challenge your thinking and practice whilst sharing practical and achievable examples of the ways in which schools can not only help save the planet today but also foster young people who will make a positive, sustainable impact in the future too. 

This unique one-day conference from Independent Thinking and IAPS, chaired by our very own Dave Harris, will give you the information and techniques to start making the immediate changes needed to bring sustainability, the environment and saving the world into each and every classroom and across the whole curriculum.


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The cost of the conference is £199 (+VAT) per delegate.  



   An Overview of Global Issues – What Are the Problems We Face?
   Paul will use his international experience as leading environmental and sustainability 
   activist and teacher to outline the issues we face.

   Naturally Smart Schools
   Drawing on his pioneering Naturally Smart approach to helping schools around the world
   look at sustainability, their own environment and the world as a whole.



Dr David Dixon


Schools, Sustainability and Darwin’s Tangled Bank
As an inner-city London primary head teacher, David was a pioneer in helping
the world of education live up to its responsibility and duty to enhance and care
for the larger world beyond school. Through his work, he shows how issues of
sustainability are not bolt-on extras but can be built into the curriculum in a
joined-up, multidisciplinary way.



Juliet Robertson

  No Ticks, No Boxes, No Red Tape, No Problem  Why Outdoors
  Learning and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand 
  Juliet, author of Dirty Teaching and Messy Maths, shows how to take the learning
  outside using low-cost resources and approaches that pave the way for an
  action-based curriculum for sustainability. 




Will Ryan

  Up to Your Knees in Dewsbury Tadpoles
  Will shows how a small Yorkshire primary school used outdoor learning to develop a
  more positive relationship with their own environment and a deeper understanding
  of the challenges the world faces.