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Big Days Out

Spend a day with some of our top Associates and hang out with some amazing fellow educators from across the UK.

*** Booking now open for our next Big Day Out at Exeter University on 23rd November 2021. And it's free! Click here to book.***

Like a river, you can never be in the same Big Day Out twice. Each one is different, with a unique mix of Associates and delegates, keynotes, workshops, one-to-one opportunities and sandwiches. And we guarantee a very high 'take-home' value, regardless of which area of education you work in.

We hold one or two each year, moving them around the country so that we can give as many teachers as possible the opportunity to come along. We even held one in Brussels a while back. 

If you fancy hosting one then do let us know and we'll talk you through what's involved. 

An incredible day. A huge thanks to @ITLWorldwide associates. Inspired and ready to find another way!

Hywel Roberts - Adventures in Learning - Fantastic session, highly entertaining and thought-provoking

All the staff who attended were mesmerized by Matthew McFall and enthused to adopt many of the ideas. All were keen to hear him again. The idea of creating wonder- allow students to explore imagine and ask/ answer questions.

Please thank the whole team from the bottom of my heart, I left the conference dancing and have not stopped thinking or talking about it yet

It was inspiring, thought provoking, inspiring, hopeful and FUN!

Make a booking, ask a question, panic. All acceptable.

Give us a call on +44 (0)1267 211432 or drop us a line at

We promise to get back to you reassuringly quickly.