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Big Day Out - The Breakout Sessions

Below is the list of strands and workshops taking place during the four breakout sessions across our biggest-ever Big Day Out in July.

When you make a booking you will be asked to state your top three preferences for each session so that you will get to see four different workshops of your choice.

Simple really.


The Six Strands:

  1. Diversity & Equality
  2. Mental Health & Well-being
  3. Resilience and Coaching
  4. Creativity in the Classroom
  5. Emerging Leadership
  6. The Maverick Strand


The Workshops:

You will get to choose four (only four  - we know!) when you make your booking.

Where to start...?


Claire Birkenshaw

Shaun Dellenty

Bennie Kara

Hannah Wilson


Equality, Gender and the Mosquitoes of Prejudice

Celebrating Difference (and Rejecting Indifference)

Aureus School - How White Is Your School?

Aureus School - Creating a Values-Based Education from 2-16


Stephanie Davies

David Hodgson

Juliet Robertson

Ian Taylor

Julie Hunter

Happiness, Resilience, Results - In That Order

What Great Teachers Do

Health, Well-Being and Teaching Outside

Getting it Right(er) in the Classroom

Aureus School - Proactive Mindfulness for Mental Strength

Jackie Beere

Gill Kelly

Andy Vass



Getting Growth Mindset Right

Turning Difficult Moments Into Golden Opportunities

Making Conversations Matter



Lisa Jane Ashes

Mark Creasy

Claire Gadsby

Crista Hazell

Jonathan Lear

Managing Your Workload Without Losing your Mind

How Cross-Curricular Learning Sets Children (and Their Teachers) Free

Reclaim Your Weekends - Labour Saving Assessment for All

Naked Teaching - You Know You Want To!

Creativity, Independent Learning and the Awkward Banana

The Real David Cameron

Simon Cooper-Hind

Julie Rees

Will Ryan

Floyd Woodrow

Leadership of Change and Knowing Which Plates to Break

Leadership and the Power of Asking the Right Questions

The Art of Stressless Headship - It Can Be Done

Dare to be Different - Headship Your Way

Finding North - Lessons in Ethical Leadership

Phil Beadle

Mark Finnis

Martin Illingworth & Mikey Markham

Roy Leighton

Matthew McFall

Metacognition for Muppets

School Behaviour, School Culture and the Power of With

Young People, Real Talent and the Future of School

Lessons from Hamlet: the Art and Science of Being Human

How to Open Your Own Cabinet of Curiosities - and Why

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