The Little Book of Awe and Wonder: A Cabinet of Curiosities

Be prepared to experience wonder, wondering and wonderful learning.

Author: Dr Matthew McFall

Publisher: Independent Thinking Press an imprint of Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1781350019
Publication Date: 17-05-2013

Price £ 12.99

A celebration of the inspiring, the informative, the weird and the wonderful, The Little Book of Awe and Wonder: A Cabinet of Curiosities is a delightful book for all ages and a treat for the head, hand and heart. Find here a wealth of exhibits to make you go 'wow' and help you and yours appreciate the world anew. Things to find, things to stimulate your curiosity, things to make, things to explore... < This portable guide to wonder and wonders can be used in many ways: As a box of treasure: Dip in and marvel at objects and artefacts that transform, puzzle, surprise and enchant. As a blueprint: Be inspired to construct your very own interactive cabinet of curiosities for learning and entertainment. Nets and templates included. As a memory palace: It can be a playful tool to organize and sharpen your memory. This illustrated and descriptive work includes sections devoted to: Mirrors Knots Impossible Objects Labyrinths Puzzles Illusions Snails Toys Optical Illusions Invisible Ink Magic Squares Seeds Riddles Origami