The Working Class: Poverty, education and alternative voices

Draws together educators from across the UK who call on all those working with young people in schools to adopt a more enlightened and empathetic approach to children in challenging circumstances.

Author: Phil Beadle

Author: David Cameron

Author: Mark Creasy

Author: Professor Paul Clarke

Author: Tait Coles

Author: Ian Gilbert

Author: Crista Hazell

Author: Dr Neil Hawkes

Author: Martin Illingworth

Author: Nina Jackson

Author: Gill Kelly

Author: Dr Debra Kidd

Author: Jonathan Lear

Author: Dr Matthew McFall

Author: Jarlath O'Brien

Author: Sarah Pavey

Author: Louise Riley

Author: Hywel Roberts

Author: Will Ryan

Author: Dave Whitaker

Author: Floyd Woodrow

Publisher: Independent Thinking Press an imprint of Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 178135278X
Publication Date: 01-03-2018

Price £ 24.99

When it comes to the education of children living in poverty there has been a great deal of talk about grit, resilience and the drive for social mobility. Yet such terms not only reflect merely a fraction of the wider story, they are also part of a narrative which puts all the onus on young people to ‘pull themselves up‘ or else accept their fate among the ranks of the ‘feckless poor‘. In this unique collaboration, drawing together educators from across the UK and further afield, we challenge this destructive narrative and call on all those working with young people in schools – from policy makers to teachers and school leaders – to adopt a more enlightened, empathetic and practical approach to support all children in challenging circumstances. Contributors include: Jaz Ampaw-Farr, Sir Al Aynsley-Green, Phil Beadle, Paul Dix, Dr Neil Hawkes, Dr Debra Kidd, Jarlath O‘Brien, Hywel Roberts, Will Ryan and Professor Mick Waters