The Big Book of Independent Thinking

At regular points in their career every teacher should take the time to remind themselves why they went into teaching and this is the book that to do it.

Author: Mike Brearley

Author: Dr Andrew Curran

Author: Ian Gilbert

Author: Nina Jackson

Author: Dave Keeling

Author: Roy Leighton

Author: Jim Roberson

Publisher: Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1904424384
Publication Date: 09/06/2006
Price £26.99

NOW AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE This is a book for pioneers, dreamers and realists. It contains ideas on different methodologies of how to impart information in a variety of ways that meets the needs of students in a formal educational system. However, those of you who are trainers in the business world, this book contains some interesting concepts that are just as important for education in the workplace. Corporate businesses are complaining that school, college and university leavers are not capable of entering the job market when they leave formal education. Ian Gilbert and his associates have since 1993 been quietly creating a grass roots evolution in attitude and skills of educators or rather those who have ears to listen.