Leadership with a Moral Purpose - Turning Your School Inside Out

The essential headteacher's guide to leading from the heart, not the government initiative

Author: Will Ryan

Publisher: Crown House Publishing; illustrated edition edition
ISBN: 1845900847
Publication Date: 30/09/2008
Price £19.99

NOW AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE Ever wanted to make an OFSTED inspector tingle? This book will show you how your school can do just do that. By helping you explore why you came into the job in the first place and how to use that moral purpose to drive school improvement, Will Ryan has written the essential read for headteachers who know that there is more to school improvement than blindly following government initiatives. This book gives all primary heads aspiring, newly appointed or those for whom the phrase There must be something more than this...! rings a bell the ideas, techniques, tools and direction to turn their schools Inside-Out and inspire them to lead with the heart and with the soul. What's more it will help give Heads the confidence to do those things they know are right because they are right for the children, right for the staff and right for the community.