The Compleat Thunks® Book

A brain workout book for uncertain times.

Author: Ian Gilbert

Publisher: Independent Thinking Press an imprint of Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1781352720
Publication Date: 14-07-2017

Price £ 12.99

We are living in a world where facts don’t count, certainty no longer exists and complexity means we never quite know what will happen next. To prepare ourselves better for such a world, we need a brain workout that isn’t so much about finding answers as getting our heads around questions. We need The Compleat Thunks® Book. In The Compleat Thunks® Book, Thunks® creator Ian Gilbert brings together Thunks® from a number of his books as well as over 100 new ones, all designed to get you thinking, questioning, debating and arguing your way to a better understanding of how to survive in a world gone dangerously bonkers.