The Buzz: A Practical Confidence Builder for Teenagers (Independent Thinking Series)

It s time to bring The Buzz into your classroom. Packed with interactive activities, practical tips and humour, it has something for every student.

Author: David Hodgson

Publisher: Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1904424813
Publication Date: 20/05/2007
Price £9.99

The Buzz blends all the richness and energy of NLP and Personality type theory. It is presented in a style designed to inspire and educate both teachers and students alike. The Buzz is an exciting collection of interactive techniques developed with teachers and students which informs and inspires young people to make positive life choices. Contents include: How to become the best you; Personality assessment; How to increase confidence, self-esteem, motivation and self-awareness; How to relax and reduce stress; Managing negative behaviour; Study skills; and Revision techniques. In surveys conducted by the author young people consistently desire the same 3 things from life to be happy, confident and successful. The Buzz shows them how to achieve all of these through a fantastic and illuminating journey of self-discovery. Complex theories and approaches are clearly presented in an easy to understand form. A unique and highly effective method of realising potential and being the best you can be.