Rules for Mavericks Audiobook (Abridged version):A Manifesto for Dissident Creatives

The successor to Camus’ The Rebel. Jim Douglas, author of Tokyo Nights: “If you make any stand against power, then power will stand against and on you. And it will do so with centuries of experience and techniques in how to do so effectively: you will be painted as barbaric, dismissed as stupid and insane, be told to know your place. Most of all, you will be termed maverick.”

Author: Phil Beadle

Publisher: Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 178583178X
Publication Date: 27/04/2017
Price £8.33

This is an audiobook with a difference: it is narrated by the author rather than by an actor, and it is not merely a long series of frigidly intoned words. Each section has been produced so that there is a soundtrack supporting the words, upholding and accenting its maverick stance, mapping its intellectual landscape to a sonic one. The voice has (at points) been processed through various effects pedals and is laid over a musical backing that features atonal instrumentation, angular riffs and background howls. It is uncompromising, cussed and contemporary and seeks to move form forward and away from the conventional.