How to Teach:Literacy - Commas, colons, connectives and conjunctions

In order to write well you have to know the rules. In order to teach the rules you have to know the rules. In order to break the rules you have to know the rules

Author: Phil Beadle

Publisher: Independent Thinking Press and imprint of Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1781351287
Publication Date: 29/01/2015
Price £12.99

It makes sense that a book on literacy should be well written. This is. The author of `Literacy across the curriculum` in the `How to Teach Series` knows a bit about writing: he has written for every broadsheet paper in the UK, and is known for crisp, invigorating prose that appears, on the surface at least, to be effortless. In this book Phil Beadle shows teachers, and anyone interested in writing, the webbed feet paddling furiously below the waterline `neath the apparently gliding swan; and translates this in such a way as to make it accessible to even the lowest attaining student. Filled with ideas and activities, `Literacy across the curriculum` gives teachers all the tools they need to transform literacy standards in their classroom, and will give teachers access to the rules they need to know without ever lapsing into dry didacticism.