Follow me, I’m right behind you - Whole school progress the LAZY way

Following on from the award-winning The Lazy Teacher`s Handbook, Jim Smith applies his lazy philosophy to flip the task of leading learning to letting learning lead.

Author: Jim Smith

Publisher: Independent Thinking Press an imprint of Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 178135006X
Publication Date: 30-09-2012

Price £ 18.99

NOW AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE Covering all aspects of learning, including the planning of outstanding lessons, lesson observation, passing performance management targets and creating inspiring learning environments the book poses the question what would happen if you let learning lead? You might just find you enjoy your job more than ever as well as see a big improvement in the quality of learning and progress for your pupils. Based on Jim Smith`s leadership work to improve learning (in a lazy way of course) this book is packed with highly practical solutions and suggestions that are proven to help you improve the quality of learning and progress but in a lazy way both in your classroom and across the school.