Dynamically Different Classrooms: Create spaces that spark learning

Shares high-impact guidance on how to maximise the potential of every square inch of the learning environment.

Author: Claire Gadsby

Publisher: Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1781352976
Publication Date: 31/01/2019
Price £19.99

Classrooms are private places. A lucky few – consultants and inspectors amongst them – get to visit hundreds of classrooms a year, yet many teachers never get the opportunity to see how other teachers ‘do it’. In Dynamically Different Classrooms Claire Gadsby and Jan Evans take away the guesswork by providing a visually striking masterclass on how to design and use the space within classrooms to enhance pupils’ learning experiences. Packed with a variety of practical ideas, this inspiring book takes teachers on a unique journey of classroom discovery – from ‘sacred spaces’ to ‘pit stops’, and from ‘enable tables’ to ‘independence stations’ – and gives them an instant shot of creativity as well as a thought-provoking point of comparison with other schools and phases of education. Teachers will be inspired, intrigued and compelled to take action – literally moving the furniture and clearing the walls in order to ‘spring clean’ their practice. FEATURES: Explores the ins and outs of how effective classroom design can actively contribute to students’ learning and progress. Examples of effective classroom layouts are beautifully displayed in full-colour photographs, making it even easier to adopt and adapt their design principles in your own classroom. De-privatises effective practice by peeking into the effective learning spaces of a diverse range of classrooms. Benefits:Offers guidance on cross-phase transition by comparing the similarities and differences between early years, primary and secondary settings.Presents a wide range of practical ideas that will enable teachers to either tweak their existing practice or perhaps even experiment with new possibilities that they hadn’t thought possible.Inspires busy and hard-working teachers to reimagine the learning space through a more innovative and creative lens. Market/audience: Suitable for all teachers, senior leaders, trainees and teaching assistants in all phases of education.