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'The greatest respect an author can have has for his public is never to produce what is expected but what he himself considers right and useful for whatever stage of intellectual development has been reached by himself and others' - Goethe.


We've helped raise the bar when it comes to education publishing

Here are some great books that cover all sorts of areas of use to anyone interested in getting more out of young people, not to mention their colleagues and themselves.


Thinking Skills and more

School Leadership

The Perfect Series

The Little Book Series

The Ian Gilbert Collection

Special Needs

What's more, we have done a special deal with Amazon so you can click through and buy any of these books through your Amazon account or, if you prefer, you can come direct to us for a great deal on the books that we have written (we offer discounts on orders of six copies or more).

Many of our books are published by the Independent Thinking Press and there are more published than we can list here by other authors you might find of interest. To see the full range of books available please click here.

If you want a bit more help and guidance over what's out there then we would recommend the Crown House Publishing website who have the most comprehensive list of learning and personal development titles in the UK. They can also put you on their mailing list for the very accessible and useful series of catalogues.

Just tell them Independent Thinking sent you for free postage on your first order.

Please note:

  • Prices are subject to change at any time and the prevailing RRP at the time of order will be charged
  • Most books featured are already published, however some are still in the pipeline so if your chosen title isn't available yet please do contact us if you would like an estimate of the publication date and details of any special launch offers