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New (Academic) Year's Resolutions

Monday September 19, 2016

  1. Ban bake sales and Mufti days and turn them into an opportunity for the school to learn something tangible about the world’s problems and do something about it.
  2. Bring a community member into school.
  3. Bring an animal to school.
  4. Commit to laughing with every class at least once every lesson.
  5. Confuse an animal.
  6. Choose quality over quantity at least half the time.
  7. Cut something unhealthy out of your weekday diet.
  8. Deliver a eulogy if the chance arises, as it probably and unfortunately will.
  9. Do something that frightens you once a term and then give an assembly on it.
  10. Do something with your teaching that your children and students will remember for the rest of their lives.
  11. Embrace one new aspect of technology.
  12. Engage your school with a local university.
  13. Ensure you get out of breath at least once a week.
  14. Find out more about the life and challenges of a child in your school with special needs.
  15. Give an assembly on the importance of love.
  16. Go on a course that is entirely unrelated to education.
  17. Go to – or organise – a TeachMeet.
  18. Grow a plant in your classroom.
  19. Have one lesson per term planned, delivered and assessed entirely by the class.
  20. Learn about the learning brain.
  21. Learn the benefits of actually physically patting yourself on the back after a hard day – it does work!
  22. Learn to identify a new bird by sound each term.
  23. Make a stranger smile.
  24. Make your journey to or from school different once a term – ride where you would normally drive. Walk when you would normally ride. Go a different route. Stop off somewhere new.
  25. Mentor someone.
  26. Organise something sociable for colleagues, even if hardly anyone turns up.
  27. Play G.O.D. – Give One Day of either your time or a day’s worth of salary for a charitable purpose.
  28. Put something unexpected on your classroom wall. Change it each term.
  29. Read one book a term, fill it with highlightings and Post-Its then leave it in the staffroom.
  30. Read one non-fiction book a term that is not in any way related to education.
  31. Refuse to do something you’re told at least once.
  32. Say ‘Thank you’ to your God, to the Universe or just to the air.
  33. Say something positive to a ‘naughty’ child who you don’t actually teach.
  34. Say well done to a member of the SLT.
  35. Spend at least one evening a term in conversation with your spouse/children uninterrupted by technology, TV, meetings or marking.
  36. Take a class somewhere different.
  37. Take a term-time weekend away.
  38. Take part in #nakedteachingday on 30th September.
  39. Take time to ask a colleague who has had a hard time in the past how they are doing? Listen to the answer.
  40. Take time to ask a young person who has had a hard time in the past how they are doing? Listen to the answer.
  41. Teach at least one lesson where the class can use mobile phones for learning purposes.
  42. Teach outside at least once.
  43. Try something new each week in your classroom.
  44. Unexpectedly reduce by half or cancel completely one meeting per term.
  45. Use Comic Sans once but in an ironic way.
  46. Volunteer to contribute to a staff training session.
  47. Watch a foreign film once a term.
  48. Write a Well Done postcard to a parent once a term.
  49. Write at least one blog. Even if you never publish it.

Good luck!

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