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A New Beginning

Associates Debbie Kidd and Jane Hewitt met Nancy Mayzee in a Kenyan refugee camp in 2015. Impressed by her skill as a teacher and her positivity, we have since sponsored her to go to university in Kampala. This is her latest blog for us, sharing her story and reminding us that, if you can't empower everyone, you can always empower someone.

Nancy Update

When Associates Jane Hewitt, Bethan Stracy-Burbridge and Debbie Kidd went to Kenya's Kakuma refugee camp for us they met an amazing young lady called Nancy. With the generous support of Debbie's Northern Rocks project and our Big i Foundation, Nancy has moved from refugee camp to university campus and is currently studying social work in Uganda.

Rescued from Nightmare

In 2015 Debbie Kidd, Jane Hewitt and Bethan Stracy-Burbridge went out to Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya with the World Wide Education Project, funded by our Big i Foundation. There they met Nancy. This is her story.

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