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Reconnecting Education and Breaking the Illusion of Certainty

Off the back of the 'success' (time will tell) of COP21 in Paris in December 2015, Professor Paul Clarke describes why we urgently need to reconnect education to the world we live in

The Secret Weapon

MFL specialist Crista Hazell on encouraging her students to speak with help from her 'secret weapon'

Unconditional Positive Regard

Associate Crista Hazell describes how the theory of Unconditional Positive Regard, as espoused by psychologist Carl Rogers, made such a difference in her classroom.

We Might Be Down But We Are Never Out

This is the text of a talk given by Chris Kilkenny in a 'Creative Conversation' with Independent Thinking Associate David Cameron in Scotland earlier this year.

That B-Boy Strategy In Full

"I would prefer BY FAR my children be happy, learn real skills and get Cs than be stressed, spoon-fed and get As. That’s not ‘coasting’."

If Employers Wanted to Improve Education

If employers genuinely wanted to make a difference to the quality and nature of the education their prospective employees receive then it would actually be quite easy.

It's Just Nuts on a Plate

I’ve read more education research in the last few years than at any point in my teaching career. Some of it has made me think differently about my practice and some of it has cemented my beliefs. Yet, rather than opening up the debate about good teaching, what seems to happening is research being used to tell teachers exactly how to teach.

The Negligent Treatment of Medical Anecdote

Good teachers are being publicly derided by the self-elected ‘pedagogy police’ for talking about ‘what works for me’, even if the canon of ‘approved’ research indicates it shouldn’t.

What If?

An article first published by the Secondary Heads Association (now ASCL) in 2004 and written by Ian Gilbert, founder of Independent Thinking. Watch out for imitations...

Zero Waste Schools

Governments around the world are increasingly fixated simply on data in schools. Meanwhile, really important things like the damage we are doing to our planet only get worse. But schools can do something about – and many of the children in them certainly do want to play their part.