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How the Brian Works (sic)!

Last weekend we held one of our Thinking Saturdays where an open invitation is put out to our Associates to get together to explore certain key areas relevant to our work across the board in education. This time - the brain with paediatric neurologist Dr Andrew Curran

Are Your Lessons Rigorous?

Here are seven great questions from educational rigour ‘guru’ Tony Wagner to check whether your lessons are rigorous or not. And by rigorous he doesn't mean simply effective at ‘prepping for the exam’.

Some Questions From Hong Kong’s Occupy Barricades for Teachers Everywhere

Ian Gilbert, Independent Thinking’s Founder, is currently based in Hong Kong and has been live-Tweeting from many of the protests.

A World Away or a Class Apart? Some Thoughts at the Start of Term

Independent Thinking Associate Tim Benton has just come back from leading a two-day VIth form induction in a top school in Hong Kong. He came away with an important message for all UK teachers.

The View From the Special School Part Two

Twelve months ago I felt compelled to write a blog about the frustrations I was feeling regarding GCSE exams and children in special and alternative provision. For those who read my ‘annual blog’ I was attempting to express my feeling of despair about how the children at my school are put through worrying levels of pressure to sit exams. Well, it’s happening again!

The Revolution Will Not Be Metricised

Gil Scott Heron, writer of The Revolution Will Not be Televised, spoke of the inability of mainstream media to bring what is in the hearts of the people to the world. His poem, written in the 1970s, was meant as both a call to arms as well as a recognition that there is an alternative out there, an alternative we have to go out and find.