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Teachers as Inventors, not Scientists

It's time to rejoice in our role, not as scientists doing what the research tells us, but as inventors - and let the research catch up with us


The Six Roles of the Ancient Teacher – Which Will You Be Today?

What can we learn from the ancient teachers of India about the sort of teacher we can be today? A guest post by educator and trainer Valentina Mahesh in India.

Vectoring Assets to Kinetic Situations

Cutting through the rubbish - the words we use make a big difference to the outcomes we end up with

If your knees aren’t dirty you haven’t been working hard enough

Making sure we focus on what's important in school, not just what makes us look good

The Golden Age of Curriculum Design

The Golden Age of Curriculum Design is ahead of us according to Associate Will Ryan. A fascinating long-read blog on how we can grasp the opportunity we have to make teaching and learning come alive for all our children.

A New Beginning

Associates Debbie Kidd and Jane Hewitt met Nancy Mayzee in a Kenyan refugee camp in 2015. Impressed by her skill as a teacher and her positivity, we have since sponsored her to go to university in Kampala. This is her latest blog for us, sharing her story and reminding us that, if you can't empower everyone, you can always empower someone.

"I Agree"

Teacher, Independent Thinking Associate and author of Unhomework shares the secret of not spending your evenings and weekends marking.

It Isn’t What You Teach

Associate Will Ryan shares the eight common factors he has observed in classrooms where the teaching and learning makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

A Corridor of Curiosities

Associate Jonathan Lear has helped create a Corridor of Curiosity at his school, a multicultural inner-city primary school. Find out what it is, who inspired him, how he went about it and why he did it

What Every Schools Needs to Know about Testicular Cancer

Guest blog writer Andrew 'Bernie' Bernard shoots from the hip about about an illness that has increased by nearly 30% in the last few decades.