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What Every Schools Needs to Know about Testicular Cancer

Guest blog writer Andrew 'Bernie' Bernard shoots from the hip about about an illness that has increased by nearly 30% in the last few decades.

A Perspective on the UK's Knife Crime Issue

Reading Stephen Pinker's latest book, Independent Thinking founder Ian Gilbert came across some interesting insights into violent crime and what to do about it.

Thunks on the Business of Learning

The great business guru Peter Drucker used to say that there were only two questions to ask a business: What business are you in? How's business? W ...

The Mosquitoes of Prejudice

There's only one thing that really sorts those Mosquitoes of of Prejudice once and for all

The Sacred Gift of Learning

Our friend and colleague Mike Brearley passed away in October this year. This, one of his last pieces, captures his beliefs about the power of education.

How About Some Mind Medicine?

How to help yourself feel that little bit better when you're having one of those days? How about a little Mind Medicine, courtesy of Associate Nina Jackson.


When your bright child passes the entrance exam at the local ‘good school’ this should be a moment of joy for parents. In most circumstances they are. ...

Brave Governance

Brave Head Dave Harris is also increasingly in demand for his work with governors. Here are his 13 essential points for brave governance.

You've Got This Part I

Dyselexia... Dislexia... Dyselxia... Aahh Forget It! You’ve Got This Part I As a young boy dealing with adversity, poverty and, to make things wo ...


On Saturday 9th June 2018 Independent Thinking was one of the lead organising partners in an amazing conference at Portobello High School in Edinburgh helping Scotland lead the way when it comes to looking at the impact on young people of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences).