If Employers Wanted to Improve Education

Friday October 16, 2015

If employers genuinely wanted to make a difference to the quality and nature of the education their prospective employees receive then it would actually be quite easy.

An interview would go something like this:


Interviewer: Hi Miss Jones, well, thanks for coming.

Interviewee: My pleasure.

Interviewer: I see from your CV that you were a straight A student at school. Well done.

Interviewee: Thank you.

Interviewer: Tell me, what sort of pedagogy did you receive?

Interviewee: I'm sorry?

Interviewer: What sort of pedagogy did you receive, Miss Jones? How were you taught?

Interviewee: Well, er, it was quite a traditional school...

Interviewer: So, you just sat there and basically memorised facts from the teacher at the front of the class?

Interviewee: Yes...

Interviewer: Hmmm...

Interviewee: But... I...

Interviewer: Well, just one more question.

Interviewee: Yes...?

Interviewer: You have 12 GCSEs and 4 A levels, all at top grades.

Interviewee: That's right.

Interviewer: What else have you got?

Interviewee: Er...

Interviewer: Thank you. We'll let you know. Next!


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