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Tim Benton

"Whether you're ten years old or ten years teaching, I want you to live at your best."

Tim has the knack of challenging you to be better than you were before but without you really noticing. A long-time Independent Thinking favourite, through his disarming manner, his casual and entertaining style and his inarguable logic, Tim helps all those he works with - young and old - revaluate what they do, why they do it and whether they should be doing something else entirely.

Many of our schools have had Tim back year after year to work with their students on issues including learning to learn, VIth form transition, motivation, confidence, communication and world of work skills – ideas captured in his first book jointly authored with another long-time Independent Thinking Associate David Hodgson and entitled The Brain Box.

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Full of strategies to help young people go about learning, revising and more in an effective, purposeful and brain-friendly way, the book is often bought in bulk when the exam season is just over the horizon, with many schools then getting Tim in to share the ideas directly with the young people themselves.

Apart from his regular work with young people, he is also on hand to help teachers improve their presentation skills and confidence and, specifically, to make their assemblies more engaging, relevant and effective.

In recent years, Tim has been increasingly in demand for his work around presentation skills, something that has caught the eye of the world of business as well as education.

Tim was absolutely superb yesterday. We hope to use him again for a similar event with our Year 10 students

Tim was personable, fun, comic, thought-provoking, informative - and extremely useful. He was inspiring through his energy, enthusiasm and passion for education and enriching lives. Excellent. Thank you

The content was so pertinent and relevant, we have never had one of our speakers receive a round of applause just for a comment made - the passion you have for learning rather than testing really hit the spot

Just to say a massive thank you on so many levels. The session you did with the students was fantastic - they are buzzing around school! I can’t thank or praise you enough

For Tim with his background in theatre, being able to present - and present yourself - well is a vital skill, one for which young people desperately need all the help they can get to do well. This is backed up by the number of employers we meet who are frustrated by the lack of personal and communication skills they are seeing in young people with a string of top grades but little else to offer. For all of us at Independent Thinking, we believe strongly that any potential employer who, on being shown a candidates impressive exam results, should congratulate that candidate but then ask the all-important question - 'What else have you got?'

And if they can't answer that question, then we in education are doing young people a disservice.

Which is where Tim comes in, bringing as he does a wealth of experience from his work with his corporate clients, including his popular interview skills workshops. 

For a witty, challenging and charismatic speaker looking at the issues that really matter to young people, then Tim Benton could well be who you are looking for.

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