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Shaun Dellenty

"As we learn to learn, we must also learn about each other. And embrace what we learn."

It’s easy for schools to say they’re against bullying of all types, including homophobic bullying. But what concrete action are they actually taking? And what else can they do? 

This is where renowned, award-winning LGBT+ and inclusion advocate, Shaun Dellenty can help, someone who suffered such bullying in silence both at school, growing up, and at work.

But his story, from rejection, abuse, despair and near suicide to his same-sex wedding in the Houses of Parliament and being feted by governments, charities, organisations and the media for his passionate work on inclusion for all, is a success story that needs to be heard.

And it’s a story that all schools will benefit from, as Shaun shares the many practical strategies and insights from his life and career as a successful primary teacher, SLT member and more recently highly sought-after educator, speaker and advocate.

Shaun’s list of achievements is hugely impressive and not only features extensive work in schools and colleges across the UK working with teachers, school leaders and young people but also includes the worlds of theatre, policy making, higher education and the church.

His list of awards is equally impressive including civic and national honours along with diversity accolades from a wide range of organisations and campaign groups as well as twice making an
appearance on the Independent on Sunday’s ‘Pink List’ of the 101 most influential LGBT people in the UK.

Shaun Dellenty is an inspiring LGBT hero to many... He has made a huge difference to so many children and adults in in schools and communities around the country

He has a real gift for communicating the vital necessity of building inclusive schools and the high price of failure in young people’s lives

Highly inspirational. Changes the mind set of many people once you’ve heard him speak. Every school and work place needs to hear Shaun talk and maybe, just maybe the future may be more rainbow!

A great speaker, as befits someone with an acting background, Shaun always challenges his audiences but does so in a positive, practical, entertaining and down-to-earth way that always makes a difference to those who work with him in this vitally important area.

The one thing we know about bullying is that when a school says it doesn’t have any, it’s because they’re not looking hard enough. With Shaun’s help, schools can identify what really is happening and take meaningful, practical and positive measures to move beyond ignorance and abuse and towards the understanding and acceptance that comes with genuine inclusion.

NB Trigger Warning - Shaun covers some traumatic and harrowing experiences from his life in his talks on mental health and emotional well-being which some delegates may find distressing.

  • Shaun has been with Independent Thinking since May 2018
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