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Jane Hewitt

"When you look beyond the obvious you learn to see all that is around you."

What do you get if you cross a former teacher with a self-taught born-again professional photographer?

Jane Hewitt, that’s what.

Jane came to our attention for her work supporting children and teachers at Springwell Special School in Barnsley, where she was using photography as a tool to encourage students to look, to think, to reflect and to learn and see the world with fresh eyes.

Since then we have been using Jane as our official ‘photographer in residence’ and always marvel at her ability to capture the spirit of what or who she is photographing.

Indeed, the vast majority of the photos on this website our from Jane's camera and we thank her for them.

What's more, apart from supplying the photos for several of our new books including Dynamically Different Classrooms by Associate Claire Gadbsy and the award-winning Messy Maths by Associate Juliet Robertson, she has also produced her own book to help school understand how photography can be used to help children learn, think and see the world differently.

Learning Through a Lens is a unique book that shows educators working with children and young people of all ages and abilities, many simple strategies through which anyone can use photography as a tool to help young people explore, learn and grow.

After all, for Jane, the camera and the photograph are only a part of a bigger process by which we can get young people to look more closely and see the world with fresh eyes.

Just wanted to say how inspiring Jane has been. She is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

Our visitors were truly inspired by your workshop, they loved every minute

Jane doesn’t tell you what to do, she shows you the way! And that is how to teach right there

Jane has many years experience working in a variety of schools and was originally an RE teacher, which might explain her ability to capture the essence and spirit of people in her photography.

Ever restless for new experiences and a fearless life-long learner herself, Jane is still regularly going into schools to support them in a whole host of different projects. She has also flown the flag for Independent Thinking in places as far afield as China, where she has worked with staff and children as part of the Wellington College Festival of Education in Shanghai, and Kakuma Refugee Camp, one of the world's largest transit camps.

Whether it's supporting teachers with a new and powerful string to their bow to the bring best out of all learners or working directly with children and young people to help them not only discover new talents and but learn to see the world in a whole new light, Jane offers schools something very special indeed.

  • Jane has been with Independent Thinking since September 2013
  • You'll find her in our Teaching and Learning topic area
  • You might also want to consider Hywel Roberts or Dr Debra Kidd
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