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Andrew Bernard

"Every teacher is a careers teacher. Yes, even you." 

Andrew ‘Bernie’ Bernard is a nationally recognised figure in the world of careers and enterprise skills, making an impressive name for himself in that productive spot where the world of business meets the world of education.

His inspiring message is that everything we teach and every attitude we model contribute in some way to helping young people become the adult they have the potential to be.

And if it isn’t moving them towards their potential, we have to be careful it is not moving them away.

An inspirational and experienced speaker whether he's in front of children, teachers or the business community, Bernie highlights the skills and traits we need to develop in young people to best prepare them for whatever lies ahead. In doing so, he makes it very clear, we must never lose sight of our need to build ethical, honest, compassionate human adults, now more than ever.

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Bernie’s journey into the world of education has not been straightforward. He is a warning to us all to ensure, if you are going to climb the ladder, that you put it against the right wall to begin with. After over twenty successful years in the world of business, his wife eventually pointed out that his talents would be better employed helping young people. She was right.

Since 2006, Bernie has been a man on a mission, speaking directly to teachers, young people and parents as well as helping schools learn the secrets of developing transformational collaborations with local, national and international businesses.

He is a co-director of the hugely successful annual Careers Week events and is the author of The Ladder: Supporting students towards successful futures and confident career choices published by the Independent Thinking Press. In the foreword, by Dame Kelly Homes, she sums up neatly the mission Bernie is on, to help all children ‘unearth their diamonds’.

Thanks again for your time today. It was such a great session. Thought provoking, engaging, challenging and fun. The students were engaged all the way through

Thanks so much for yesterday – the response from the students has been excellent. Such an important message


I just wanted to let you know that your session was by far our most popular masterclass, with a lot of positive feedback coming through from both staff and students!

The students walked away from the session really positive and excited for the next one. We will definitely be back and are looking forward to it already

Thank you Bernie – great session and a powerful message. Great to have you join us!

Apart from his work around work skills, business links and careers development, Bernie is also in demand to speak to young people on important topics that are often overlooked in a traditional PSHE or RSE curriculum. 

Born out of personal experience and tragedy, he is able to speak openly and with great impact on topics such as domestic violence, the treatment of women and testicular cancer (yes, it can affect boys).

Apart from his work as an entertaining, engaging and expert speaker, he also brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to his work with schools, helping teachers of all phases be the careers teacher they didn’t think they were but that their children need.

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