“It is the complexity in a multicultural, multifaceted world that makes that world so wonderful”
Gill Kelly
If you have wondered about the difference between ‘complex’ and ‘complicated’ then consider Gill’s recent experiences. Knocking down an old school at the same time - and on the same site - as building a new one is complicated. Getting emotional buy in from the staff to transform teaching and learning in the process is complex. Running an inner-city school with children from 64 different countries speaking 44 different languages is complicated. Leading that school in a way that engages and transforms the community around it as well as the children in it is complex.

And complicated is easy compared to complex.

With over a decade in effective school leadership in a variety of different schools, Gill is now working nationally, sharing her experiences and supporting other schools and organisations to embrace complexity and take to heart her mantra – ‘Take care of yourself, take care of each other, take care of this place’.

Feedback from recent events include:

"Thank you again for your presentations at the CSH Conference last Friday. Over dinner, the Heads commented on the hope and warmth of your message and how you had made them think – just what I had hoped! Thank you for being so inspiring! "

"Thank you so much for working with us this afternoon. Simply having the time to think as a team was worthwhile and something I know we need to do more often. A half-termly session like the one we had this afternoon is now firmly on the agenda! Your questions and the activities we carried out reinforced the importance of some of the actions already outlined on our development plan and gave us the push we need to really focus on these areas ... and add some more ideas!I know everyone enjoyed working with you "

"The day with Gill was excellent - the staff are feeding back to the SLT after the half-term about how they are taking their learning and discussions about the day forward. Her session with LSAs was exceptional when it quickly emerged that there were many underlying issues that needed to be explored - Gill adapted her plan for the session on the hoof and, through her skilful questioning, has allowed that team to have a clear and insightful voice in how the ALN team develops."

"Everyone in teaching leaders should hear Gill"

"I have worked with Gill Kelly for the last four years on school improvement and staff professional development. Gill is knowledgeable and keeps her understanding of research and best practice up to date. Her positivity and passion engage and motivate. Gill's good sense and practicality support and challenge appropriately. This was particularly evident in the NQT residential she organised where feedback from participants was universally appreciative of the quality of the sessions and the difference it had made to their professional practice"
“We need a complex personalised curriculum that serves the needs of individuals as well as the economic needs of a nation” - Where Will I Do My Pineapples?

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Parent Event

For many schools, getting parents to the school for an event is something that is only beaten in difficulty by getting the right parents to school for an event. That said, the parents who do come to our Learning and Motivation for Parents Events always head home buzzing with ideas that are not only helpful in dealing with their children but also very relevant for their own careers and personal development.

Governor Event

Being a governor is an incredibly important task these days so we are delighted when we are asked to support them in their work in all sorts of schools around the country. Apart from ensuring the event is an entertaining and enjoyable one for all, especialy as it is so often on a rainy Saturday, we make sure our input is informative, relevant, up to date and guarantees all governors go back into their schools knowing what to look for, what to do and the rights sorts of questions to ask.