“Anybody who claims that schooling stops at the school door couldn’t be more wrong”
Vic Goddard
Vic Goddard is probably the most famous head teacher in the UK today, but it’s only when you see him in his beloved Passmores Academy that you really witness how good he is.

Vic came to the public’s attention in TV’s Educating Essex but his straight-talking, informal, light-hearted approach meant that some sections of the media (yes, you Daily Mail!) misunderstood what Vic was really all about – refusing to ever let a student fail.

See Vic in action and you’ll understand how passionate he is about young people, about education and about the privileged position he holds. ‘The Best Job in the World’ as he has famously written for our Independent Thinking Press. Vic commands respect not because of what he is but because of how he treats everyone around him – with compassion, with relentlessly high expectations and with an infectious belief that we all have something to offer the world.

Feedback from recent events include:

"The feedback for Vic was tremendous. He was really good and got the crowd laughing and crying (at the right times and for the right reasons too!) Feedback was along the lines of very practical ideas mixed with some thought provoking (and emotion provoking!) stuff too. Could you please thank Vic for us (I should think that delegates will ask for him again next year)."

"Thank you so much for your excellent contribution to the AET summer leadership conference. Your presentation was universally well received. You already know why I asked you to speak and that set of values, which resonates so strongly with AET’s values and purpose, came through in a powerful way in your presentation. It certainly gave everyone a ‘leadership lift’ and inspired them on their personal journey as well as supporting us as a group in our mission"

"Thank you ever so much for providing an inspirational and truly uplifting keynote at our staff conference. I've had such brilliant feedback from all the staff. We very much hope to see you again soon!"

"I was at the Gov conference today and I just wanted to say thank you for such an inspiring speech. I am chair of govs in a small village primary but in my day job I'm a SENCo in a nursery with very high levels of SEN, vulnerable families etc., so I really got what you were saying about the challenge as I do it too! And love it, a lot!!!It is so nice to know that there are people who care that much about what they do, just wish I was nearer so I could eventually send my 3 boys to your school! Thanks again, it was refreshing, open and honest and I really enjoyed it"

"Truly inspirational. His understanding of actual teaching, mixed with his video from Taylor Mali was actually stunning and probably the best 30 minutes of any staff conference that I have been to"
“Ultimately, the whole school is my classroom. I know that might sound a bit cranky but that’s the way it is” - The Best Job in the World

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  • Vic has been with Independent Thinking since 2012 and is one of The 33

  • Vic's DBS Number is 001476875442 issued on 20th February 2015

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