Think for Yourself!

Developing independent thinking in all learners

Monday, 9th October 2017

etc. Venues, Avonmouth House, 6 Avonmouth Street, London SE1 6NX 

A joint conference with Independent Thinking and IAPS 

Suitable for: Headteachers, Deputy Heads, Director of Studies, HODs, Governors, SMT, Teachers KS1-4


 - Learn strategies to have children thinking for themselves 

 - Discover how to engage all children through curiosity and wonder 

 - Explore how to teach less so they think more 

 - Find out how to unlock their true writing potential 

 - Discover how to create classrooms where the learning just happens

  - Explore the power of story to help them think and learn 

 - Take away many, many practical tips and ideas to help all learners 


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The cost of the conference is £199 (+VAT) per delegate.


Ian Gilbert 2


Chair for the Day - Ian Gilbert

Welcome and introductions by Ian Gilbert, founder of Independent Thinking. Ian will act as chair for the day as well as contribute insights and strategies from his work across the globe helping schools revaluate what they are about and working with children until ‘their brains hurt’.


Phil Beadle

High Order Approaches to Original Writing - Phil Beadle

No conference on helping children think for themselves would be complete without a contribution from award-winning teacher and writer Phil Beadle. From his work in schools across the UK and internationally to his columns for The Guardian, his many books and his TV performances reciting Shakespeare to cows or helping adult non-readers to read, Phil’s work very much lives up to the title of his new book, Rules for Mavericks.

Mark Creasy

 When Children R.E.V.O.L.T. - Mark Creasy

 A former secondary head retrained as a primary teacher to get back into the classroom, Mark shows you how to actively engage young people of all ages in genuine learning and authentic discovery when you step back from the teaching and allow them think for themselves a whole lot more. From revaluating homework to throwing out the traditional lesson plan, Mark very much walks the talk.

Debra Kidd Publicity Photo 
Uncharted Territories: Adventures in Learning - Dr Debra Kidd

Creativity, discovery, exploration and wonder are right at the heart of Debra’s work, whether she is teaching at reception stage, university level or every phase in between. In demand internationally for her expertise linking theatre, creativity and learning as well as her work in the UK campaigning for teacher professionalism, her doctoral research and her writing bring depth and academic rigour to the world of creativity in the classroom. 


Lear Jonathan

'Sir, I Can't Do My Banana!' - Jonathan Lear

A self-professed ‘guerrilla teacher’, Jonathan demonstrates how to use imagination, creativity, flair, bravery and a degree of ‘desirable difficulty’ to create lessons that will have your children learning despite themselves! A practising teacher and deputy head at an inner-city primary school, Jonathan doesn’t so much teach as create a classroom atmosphere that is magical, engaging and exciting, ensuring all children are eager to learn.


Matthew McFall 2
Wondering, Wandering and Wayfinding Parts 1 and 2 - Dr Matthew McFall

Curiosity, wonder and magic improve motivation, engagement and learning - and Matthew’s academic research and practical school-based activities prove it! Probably the world’s only school-based ‘Agent of Wonder’, Matthew’s work is all about the strategies and structures that generate wonder and curiosity, from a matchbox of intrigue to a full-fledged Cabinet of Curiosities.