No Heroes - Honesty, Humility and Authentic School Leadership

31st March 2017, Manchester

DoubleTree By Hilton, One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn St, Manchester M1 3DG


A joint Leadership Conference with Independent Thinking and Teachology  

It's not about superhero heads - it's about human beings bringing out the best in other human beings. Find out how.

Worried that too much of your leadership time seems directed by others?

Concerned that the morale in your school may be dipping?

This unique leadership conference is designed to help you reconnect with why you chose this job and help you be a
better leader as a result.


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The cost of the conference is £289(+VAT) per delegate, and £72 (+VAT) for the special offer twilight session. Conference and Twilight is £342 (+VAT). Add Bed and Breakfast for £89 +VAT.


We've teamed up with our friends at Teachology to bring you a programme of events that will address some of the key issues regarding authentic school leadership.


Harris Dave

Leadership Lessons: Leading a school to success - Dave Harris

Dave regularly takes tours of foreign educators to some of the most innovative schools across the British Isles. Drawing on his own experience as a head, from his best-selling leadership books and this unique perspective on British education, Dave will share what he has seen on his travels and reveal the common thread he has discovered in the very best schools.



Cooper Hind Simon

Me, myself, I - Great leaders lead themselves first!”  - Simon Cooper-Hind

To lead others you need to know others. And to know others you need to know yourself. At a time when headteachers are under pressure to look after everything and everyone else first, this session is about putting yourself first, for a while at least. Delegates will consider the skills they have and what it will take to develop them further whilst learning to balance the pride they take in what they achieve with a sense of humility about the scale of the task before them. 


David Cameron


Leading through, leading with, leading for - prepositions for leadership David Cameron

If you explore the research on exemplary school leadership written by some of the world’s leading academics, you will find no reference to Clint Eastwood-style leadership or the need for schools to be led by ‘battlers and bruisers’. Why? Because it is an out-dated model that ignores the levels of complexity schools and their leaders face these days. Based on long and varied experience as an educational leader, David will take a practical, helpful and challenging look at different concepts of leadership – ones that are collaborative, permissive and effective. 


Beere Jackie

Head Learner - leading the way we learn and grow - Jackie Beere OBE

There has been a great deal written about the importance of developing a growth mindset in young people. And rightly so. But what are the implications of Dweck’s pioneering work for the adults in the school, in particular the Head. In this inspiring session, educator and personal development ‘guru’ Jackie Beere will explore the power of growth mindset leadership. 


Roy Leighton


Authentic Leadership – if leadership isn’t a moral activity what is it?”  - Roy leighton and Dave Harris

Pulling together the thoughts from the day long-time colleagues Roy and Dave will present a range of simple tools for leaders to use in their school to help develop a learning environment with authenticity, integrity and an irresistible moral purpose.



Ken Reid

Plus a special bonus Twilight Session: Preparing for your next OFSTED inspection  - Ken Reid OBE

Professor Ken Reid is an internationally recognised figurehead on this topic, he offers workable, practical solutions to help schools gain the inspection results they desire and deserve. Showcase and lead your team to deliver excellence at an individual lesson level, management level and family level on inspection day.