Making Assessment Work

25th May 2017, Holiday Inn Hotel, Regent's Park, London


A joint conference with Independent Thinking and IAPS

The very idea of assessment is one that can strike terror into the hearts of teachers and pupils alike. This course is presented by a team of high profile, highly-rated speakers who are here to show you that assessment really can work, with the experience and ideas to prove it.

Enjoyable, thought-provoking and practical, the day is packed with expert advice across a range of topics including:

- Assessment for Living

- Helping children celebrate mastery of curriculum content

- Using the freedom to be creatively driven

- Irresistible Assessment: practical strategies to boost engagement and success through assessment


Audience: Key Stage 1 and 2 Class Teachers, Curriculum Leaders, School Leaders, System Leaders

Objectives: It often seems that there’s a fog around assessment. When do we do it? How do we do it? And most importantly why? This stimulating and practical day course will leave you full of ideas to ensure that assessment is a tool rather than a hurdle – a part of the learning itself and cast in a positive light to both teachers and pupils.


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The cost of the conference is £199 per delegate.


Claire Gadsby


Irresistible  Assessment - Claire Gadsby

To provide Practical strategies that will maximise engagement and in turn the progress your pupils will make.



Debra Kidd Publicity Photo

Assessment for Living - Dr Debra Kidd

How might we introduce assessment models that stretch and challenge a child, values their whole contribution and builds in peer review and parental involvement? This session will explore how we can make assessment more valued by a child and linked to all of their learning both in and out of the classroom. Taking a successful curriculum initiative, we will look at how linking subjects together into contexts that ask bigger questions of children can help them to advocate for change and take control of their learning.


Julie Rees


Valuing the Whole Child and their Teachers Julie Rees

To aim for all pupils to demonstrate resilience, responsibility, and respect by the time they are ready for the next stage in education. Using a scheme called #20Wednesdays pupils have opportunities to develop the life skills we know are valued by employers and workplaces.


Will Ryan


Breaking the Chains that Bind Us - Will Ryan

This interactive session sets out to put the child at the centre of the assessment process, promote an ethic of excellence in classrooms and break those chains forever more. You will be presented with a range of ideas which will promote learning community where everybody feels they can achieve, have a duty to achieve and a duty to help others achieve.