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ETC Venue  - Marble Arch - Edgware Road, London

14th March 2017

Independent Thinking and IAPS have teamed up to present a brand new conference guaranteed to make you smile and think.

Delivered by a team of presenters who are renowned around the world for their creative thinking and who focus on curiosity and innovation in all they do, this day is packed with challenging and exciting ideas and activities to implement from the very next day. 

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a school leader, you’ll certainly go back to your school armed to ensure your school focuses on fanning the flames of learning – and not just collecting the results.

Click on the picture for the full programme, costs and how to register - or just click the link below to go straight to the booking page.

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The cost of the conference is £245 (+VAT) per delegate, or £195 (+VAT) for IAPS members.


Ian Gilbert 2

My Brain Hurts: strategies to ensure there is thinking going on and not just learning - Ian Gilbert

An award-winning author and editor, leading educational speaker and entrepreneur, Ian's the man behind the Thunks phenomenon. Having lived and worked around the world he has a special perspective on classrooms and systems, what works and what definitely doesn’t.



Nina Jackson 2 Wonder, Magic, Learning and Sherbet Lemons - Nina Jackson

Nina has a breath-taking grasp of what makes classrooms, children and their teachers tick.She's worked across the  UK  and the world covering school improvement areas including special needs (or ‘learning differences’ as she calls  it),learning technologies and emotional wellbeing and mental health for both children and adults.



Martin Illingworth 2Creative Approaches to Teaching Grammar - Martin Illingworth

An experienced teacher and teacher trainer, Martin is known for his work on the teaching of English language and literacy. His humorous, no nonsense,practical approach not only to teaching English but to teaching generally is winning him fans across the country.



Matthew McFall 2


Cultivating Curiosity and Wonderment: boxes, quests and labyrinths - Dr Matthew McFall

Dr Matthew McFall is living and academic proof that curiosity, wonder and magic can improve motivation for learning. He has the experience to show how all schools can use such ideas to enhance learning and motivation and the flair as a presenter to help schools make their own magic real.