Getting to the Heart of Discipline in Schools

10th November 2017, London


A joint conference with Independent Thinking and Teachology  


This is a conference that gets to grips with what works and what doesn’t when it comes to embedding discipline amongst learners.

A must-see summary and case study exploration of the fundamental foundations of effective behaviour management.

Controlling some classes is like herding cats.This event is a step-through guide to instilling a sense of accountability for behaviour in students. Whether its cajoling the disinterested and disaffected students, ruling the rowdy, or cooling off the class clown, the basis for control is the same: engaging lessons, firm standards and consequences, and a deeply entrenched sense that there is a real purpose to gaining an education.


Who should attend: SMTs, Middle Leaders, Pastoral, Teachers, Counsellors


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The cost of the conference is: 1 delegate place £289 +VAT, 2 delegate places £489 +VAT, 3 delegate places £679 +VAT, 4 delegate places £789 +VAT .


Lisa Jane Ashes New 2Questioning and Creativity for Brilliant Behaviour - Lisa Jane Ashes

Unlock the power of questioning to support and challenge all pupils. Adopt a blueprint of outstanding questioning that nurtures a culture of learning where good behaviour comes as standard. Entrench tools to turn around your nightmare class using our own creativity. No more sleepless nights, wasted lessons, and strained voices.



Martin Illingworth

Whole-School Approach to Behaviour Leadership: Creating the Conditions for Engagement and Learning - Martin Illingworth

Raise behaviour awareness and self accountability for actions. Examples of policies that invite co-operation and assertion not aggression, prevention and nee-jerk reaction. De-escalation and mediation methods for success. Make you and your staff an unbeatable stress-free role model.  How to repair and rebuild stressed staff. 


Jarlath O'Brien


Conquer Challenging Behaviour for Effective Learning Jarlath O'Brien

A down-to-earth session that provides you with the means to change the way you think about behaviour. Gain a range of practical, realistic, and simple strategies for immediate implementation with instant impact to deescalate inappropriate behaviour effectively, positively,and non-confrontationally. An eye-opening, interactive session delivered by a teacher for teachers. Suitable for those dedicated to delivering outstanding from Key Stages 1 to 4.


Riley Louise

What's The Alternative? Inclusive Curriculum Partnerships - Louise Riley

Understand and support pupils’ social and emotional needs to create a flexible curriculum that engages all.  How can an alternative pathway be your school’s greatest success? What values do you uphold to create that success? Gain honest and valuable feedback from your learners. Why should we never underestimate this valuable resource to shift hearts and minds within a school community?. 


Jim Roberson


What is Good Behaviour? Debunking the Myths, Uncovering Some Truths - Jim Roberson

Jim believes that school should be the place where you learn all you need to learn to succeed in life, whatever form that success may take. Most importantly, in his view, you have to learn discipline. For Jim, behaviour is the B-word and he forbids mention of it. Discipline, on the other hand, is neatly described not as something others do to you to get you to behave nor even as something you do to yourself, but rather as what you do for yourself.