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More of a network than a company and more of a movement than an organisation, for over twenty years Independent Thinking has been making a tangible difference in schools worldwide. We help young people, teachers, school leaders, parents and others involved in education rethink what they do and why they do it - all with the purpose of ensuring education is so much more than the passing of exams. 

We aren't a speakers bureau although we have some of the world’s leading educational speakers*. We aren't a consultancy, although we are more than happy to work with you to help you become even better. We are not a panel of educational experts because we don’t believe there is such a thing.  We are not a publishing company although the Independent Thinking Press has won awards for its ground-breaking education books. And we aren't a training company because, well, the word ‘training’ comes from the Latin ‘to drag’. 

We don't employ people, own fancy offices or produce glossy magazines and, because we were set up to make a difference not a profit, we put back as much as possible into our work.

At Independent Thinking, we believe education is about integrity, passion and compassion, creativity and professionalism. It’s about doing the right thing, being healthy, being happy, growing and serving. It’s about living up to our motto to ‘To do things no-one does or to do things everyone does but in a way no-one does’. And it’s about having a laugh while you’re doing it. After all, education is too important to be taken seriously.

We hope this website gives you a feel for what we do, why we do it and who we are to be doing it in the first place. All being well, it will encourage you to do it too.

For over twenty years our written mission has been:

'To enrich people's lives by changing the way they think - and so to change the world'.

If you're involved in the education of young hearts and minds, that's what you're doing everyday.



*Our Associates are free to think whatever they want to think, but behaving with integrity at all times is genuinely important to us. We distance ourselves from anyone who does not show the same commitment.

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