What Else Can A Teacher Do? Review your career, reduce stress and gain control of your life.

Some teachers reach a point when they question what they are doing in the classroom.

Author: David Hodgson

Publisher: Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1785830155
Publication Date: 14-11-2017

Price £ 12.99

They want to try something different, but don’t know where to start. In this practical handbook, David Hodgson talks you through what to do when you realise something needs to change. From a change of class, key stage, sector, working hours, or even country, to moving outside of a school environment altogether, David has plenty of advice to help you make that change, and provides case studies of teachers who have already successfully done so. Whether you’re assessing where you are in teaching, actively planning your escape route or just contemplating job alternatives there are plenty of options here. Suitable for all teachers and school leaders who want to give colleagues who are ‘stuck in a rut’ other options. What else can a teacher do? David Hodgson has the answers.