Coaching and Reflecting Pocketbook

Coaching skills are, fundamentally, about the quality of dialogues that happen at all levels of an organisation. Where coaching and 'reflective practice' are part of a school's ethos, performance improves and attainment is raised.

Author: Andy Vass

ISBN: 1903776716
Publication Date:

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"The Coaching and Reflecting Pocketbook" comprises a collection of highly practical skills and strategies that can be used by all educational professionals, regardless of role or status. Aimed at teachers in primary and secondary schools in the UK, this extensively illustrated book is equally relevant to those working overseas. Whether it's a headteacher providing support to a fellow head, or a learning mentor providing intensive support to a student, the tips tools and techniques apply. The book opens with a consideration of coaching as a concept, what makes a good coach and practical considerations such as time, confidentiality, record-keeping etc. A section on basic coaching principles includes rapport-building, active listening and the key stages of a coaching conversation, leading to the development of 'conscious competence'. Sections on goals and journeys identify the importance of clear targets and committing to change. Coaching with parents and students is also covered, focusing on such areas as 'coping skills' and empowerment. A final chapter deals with coaching pairs and groups, highlighting how reflective practice can facilitate the development of a true learning organisation. "The Coaching and Reflecting Pocketbook" is part of the "Teachers' Pocketbooks Series", an imprint of Management Pocketbooks Ltd and winners of the 2005 Education Resources Awards. The concise, practical guides are written by experienced teachers and packed with information,